Out of Kilter

This life is uncertain that much we know. Our dear friend Rachel North’s mother died last Wednesday. This amazing young woman will cope, as we all must cope. She will find a way to hold her mother in her heart and her life, for the rest of her life. She will never forget her, never stop loving her.

I am sorry for the pain Rachel and her family are enduring. I know she is a strong and resilient young woman with a wonderful husband and loving family. Her mother’s love will keep her strong.

My love and thoughts are with Rachel, her dad and her family.

Kia kaha my friend

KG & HB too

Out of Kilter
for Rachel and her family

the earth
to spin on its axis

the sun and moon

take their place
in our sky

the grass grows
the birds sing

it seems all is
as it should be


our hearts are broken
our bodies shattered

you are not
here with us

this is a big thing
that should by rights

put the world
out of kilter


Rachel said...

Oh, that si so very lovely. Bless you. I am looking forward to seeing you soon xx

kiwi in london said...

Bless you. Rachel is right the faith you need is to see the good and kindness in people. And in turn, giving love and kindess to others in the crazy world.

Henry North London said...

It seems our Rachel has touched so many of us. You need to read the first post of my blog and you will understand.

with best regards